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Watch-Along: MORBIUS (2022)

June 13, 2022

Surprise episode everybody!


In honor of us launching our new Patreon, and in honor of our highest tier member Sirr, we decided to do a watch-along of MORBIUS, the newest Sony entry into the kinda-Spiderman-kinda-not universe! A movie well loved by Sirr that Mike and Vito had not seen, they decided to record a live, synced-up watch-along of the movie. This is an episode best played while you are also watching the movie to hear their live reactions to the events unfolding in the epic tale of the LIVING VAMPIRE!


In the future, special unorthodox episodes like this will be launched exclusively on the Patreon page. A place where we dads go to pod about whatever weird topics are on our minds, but for a limited time those episodes will live here, on our main feed for all to enjoy. Please give it a listen and let us know what you think! 


Also, please check out Sirr's Furniture! He produces some amazing pieces of woodworking and we can personally vouch for the quality of his work. Check out his website at or his Instagram for more pictures of his work.  

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