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THE 93rd ACADEMY AWARDS (the Oscars bro!)

May 3, 2021

The Academy Awards came and went last week and even though it drew less viewers than in many years past, NYFM was excited for it! Jesse sits this one out, and instead Dom comes in (from the Baby Driver episode) to weigh in on the wins and losses of the evening. 


The Oscars are a big deal for us as a podcast, and as movie lovers in general. They serve as an important cultural standard but even still, we know even more than ever that the importance of the Oscars is in doubt. Where will they go from here? What will we see next year?


But before we discuss that, we have to talk the 93rd Academy Awards themselves and we get into not only the winners, but the live telecast itself! We discuss the Best Picture winner (previous episode!) We discuss Best actor, the most contentious award of the evening. We even discuss Best Original song guys. It is all here.


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