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MOTHER‘S DAY: Aliens (1986)

May 10, 2021

Happy Mother's Day from all of us dads here at Not Your Father's Movies! We wanted to commemorate this holiday in honor of all those women who raised us, who married us, who raise kids with us, and who taught us how to be ultimate bad-asses.


Today, we are covering Aliens!


As a commemoration to everything amazing and brave about being a mom, we wanted to talk about possibly the ultimate Mom action character: Ellen Ripley.


Alien as a franchise means something to all of us, and Aliens in particular is such an incredible movie! We couldn't wait to talk about it and we mean it as a tribute to all those amazing moms out there who inspire us. You are all Ripley!


We talk James Cameron. We talk what maybe the movie means or doesn't. Is it cheesy? Is it awesome? Is the character of Ellen Ripley something for the ages?


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