Not Your Father’s Movies


MISFITS & OUTCASTS: Logan (2017)

April 5, 2021

Welcome to the first official episode we have ever recorded live! This was super fun for us, and super stressful, and we managed to cram our normal show into 45 minutes, which was our live time slot. Then, we returned and recorded another 45 minutes of all the stuff we missed directly after. This episode puts the two together in chronological order. We hope you enjoy it.


This is a classic episode from us. We got cast and crew, we got favorite scenes, we got some broader societal context vis a vis westerns vs superhero movies. We even have some more nit-picky discussion regarding some moments in Logan that some of us took issue with. It is all here. This episode is one we ended up very proud of and we hope you enjoy it. Going live is scary but exciting, and we would love to do it more in the future!


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