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MISFITS & OUTCASTS: Nomadland (2020)

March 22, 2021



Alright everybody, we are kicking off our new series: Misfits & Outcasts! In this series, we will be tackling movies that are about those that don't fit into society in a conventional way, but maybe find their communities outside the fringes of the places that rejected them, or that they rejected themselves. And what better way to do it than with Nomadland, the surprising hit that is a major player for the Oscars...and our hearts.


We ask questions like: would we be nomads? What would that even look like? How does this movie function as a time capsule? What is the true meaning and nature of Fern?


We cover a lot of ground, as always, but something must be mentioned. We recently changed mics, and as of this recording had not ironed the bugs out of it yet. The audio is not up to our standard, but we hope you enjoy it anyway!


Stay tuned at the end of the episode for some outtakes, as Jesse navigated recording in his car. 


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