Not Your Father’s Movies


AFTERMATH: Not Your Grandfather‘s Courtroom Dramas

December 15, 2020



Here we are, at the end of another series, our third! We take the time to amend some of our thoughts, finally acknowledge Vito's physical deformities, and talk about all these courtroom dramas as a whole (including Trial of the Chicago 7). It was a blast talking about these meaty, important movies that still packed a lot of nostalgia and heart. We almost didn't anticipate what we were getting ourselves into with these important films. It was heady stuff but we were joined by several great guests along the way to give us a much-needed boost. 


We will return to courtroom dramas at some point, but for now it is time to move on to a new year (goodbye 2020!) and only one episode remains in this season of NYFM. Stay tuned!


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