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September 23, 2020

Did you ever notice that your dad has movies that are so distinctly him? Remember, lazy weekends watching stuff with your dad? Remember distinctly feeling like there were some movies that your dad wanted to share with you? As dads of a new generation, we are here to talk about all of that and what movies we want to show our kids. Here at Not Your Father’s Movies (NYFM), we consider new movies, old movies, kid movies, strictly adult movies, or even artsy-fartsy movies. Our goal every episode is to determine if a movie belongs on the illustrious dad hall of fame. Mostly, we consider movies that we really want to watch with our kids one day or even already have, but we will also talk about movies that we never want our kids to see, but we as dads enjoy. In short, we talk about all movies and pass dad judgment (or dadgment) to see if a movie deserves the title “Dad Movie.” 


The three founding members of NYFM are Vito, Mike, and Jesse. We met each other in college, and now we are all married with kids. As people, we love movies, and as dads, we love to show our kids movies. NYFM also consider anyone who has a dad as worthy of passing dadgment on movies with us. So take a seat, kick back, and enjoy dads bring dads and establishing the new canon of Dad Movies!


Want us to pass dadgment on a particular movie? Then please comment or contact us at We would love to hear from you! Also, like and follow us if you like what you hear!

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