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NEW RELEASE: Godzilla VS. Kong (2021)

April 12, 2021

It's lizards versus apes, and titan versus titan here this week on Not Your Father's Movies! We are tackling the new release movie that is taking the movie-going world by storm as it tops the box office, and for those of us with an affinity for giant monsters fighting, our hearts.


We discuss who made this scaly, bananas blockbuster (literally) and who has brought the Legendary Pictures Monsterverse in association with Warner Brothers Entertainment to our home screens. We also do a bit of a dive into the history of these monsters and where we found them: we were young in the '90s so this should not be any kind of mystery. Would we show this to our kids? Would we watch it again ourselves? Did we even like it? All this and more in a jam-packed extravaganza of a NEW RELEASE episode.


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