Not Your Father’s Movies


NEW RELEASE: Army of the Dead (2021)

May 31, 2021



It's a NEW RELEASE! And, it is Army of the Dead, now available on Netflix everywhere!


It's a zombie-heist-action-thriller. Sort of. We disagree maybe with every single one of those descriptions of this movie. Also, is it good? Did we have any fun at all? Who is Zack Snyder really? Why does he make this kind of movie and are dad's his chief demographic? We talk about all of that and more including all of our top 3 ZOMBIE MOVIES!


On a bittersweet note, Dom is leaving the shores of southern California to Atlanta, Georgia to make his way in the film industry. We are sad to see him go, but excited for his future. As he begins to make movies, we all wait in the wings to see what he can create. Stay tuned for the Adventures of Dom in the film world!


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