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MISFITS & OUTCASTS: Baby Driver (2017)

April 19, 2021



Our fourth movie in our MISFITS & OUTCASTS series is Baby Driver! We are all huge fans of this and it was a blast to put the pedal to the metal and aim our sights on the horizon as we talk about this new classic from Edgar Wright.


What is Baby's deal with the music? Why is Buddy the big bad guy in the end, not Bats? How adorable is Lily James? What are our favorite needle-drops in the movie and why did so many of us see Fault In Our Stars in theaters? We answer all of these, I promise.


We also discuss how this fits in with the theme of our series as a whole, and have a good time doing all of it. Let us know what you think of Baby, of Edgar Wright, and your favorite needle-drops at or check out our website at and all our social medias here

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