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MISFITS & OUTCASTS–Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

March 29, 2021

SPECIAL GUEST: David from Seriously Pointless Conversations about Culture!

Find his episodes and social media here: S.P.C.A.C. (Seriously Pointless Conversations About Culture) (


Welcome back as we present our second episode in the Misfits, Outcasts and Loners series--Hellboy II: The Golden Army!


We thought that having a sequel as the number two slot in our new series is fitting as we return from the soul-searching of Nomadland to the metropolis again, battling ancient evils and fantastical beasts as Hellboy, Liz, and Abe Sapien (along with the entire BPRD) fight to keep our world safe from those who want to take it for themselves.


To help us tackle this discussion, we have on a very special guest: David from SPCAC! He is a fellow podcaster, and a comic nut who ranks Hellboy at the top of his favorites list. He breaks down some of the history of the character for us before we jump into this movie that has some nostalgia for us all. If you remember, we mentioned we were doing this one in Jesse's Birthday episode. Find that one here: Jesse's Birthday


Also, check out David's podcast as, this week, Vito does a good deep dive on the character of Hellboy both in the films and in the comics.


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